Welcome to Eurovision USA Radio - the home of the Eurovision Song Contest’s US Radio coverage.

As a Radio and TV Executive Producer based in Los Angeles, David Cargill is responsible for writing, producing and directing original content for documentaries across American television, including Discovery, History Channel and Science Channel. David was also the Co- Executive Producer on the Emmy award-winning hitRECord on TV, presented by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

BAFTA nominated broadcaster Ewan Spence has been covering the Eurovision Song Contest since 2009, providing radio documentaries, news features, and in-depth reporting of the Contest. He’s also been the UK’s commentator for Junior Eurovision with Radio Six International since 2013.

Commentator Lisa-Jayne Lewis Lisa-Jayne Lewis joins Ewan as co-commentator, British by birth but she spent 5 years living in Boston, Massachusetts. Lisa Jayne has been following the Eurovision Song Contest since 1992 and has co-commentated with Ewan on the unofficial online alternative commentary and has been the host for UK, USA & New Zealand Radio for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Portuguese Commentator Ana Filipa Rosa has worked at the Portuguese Radio and Television Public Broadcaster RTP since 2015. She hosts a daily radio show in DP Internacional aimed to strengthen the connection between Portuguese communities all over the world. Since last September Ana has also been part of a new radio station devoted to children: Radio Zig Zag.

Our broadcast partners include WJFD (Providence MA), WXDR-LP Dolphin Radio (New Orleans, LA), and stations on Radio Six International’s US Affiliate Network.

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